meet our team

We are a team of creative, hard working and extremely motivated open minds.
But more importantly - we have fun, laugh all day long and we cook great :)


Nadav Liebermann  |  CEO, Co-founder

Nadav is a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in robotics and control systems, and is experienced in leading big projects and teams. Passionate about business development and sales, Nadav is always looking for new partnerships and opportunities. As a former scoutmaster, Nadav is also experienced in non-formal education both in Israel and the US.

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Geut Gonen  |  Cheif Toy Officer, Co-founder

A modern day Peter Pan, Geut is often found playing with toys. Open minded and a creative tinker, with a knack for noticing even the smallest details, while still observing the bigger picture. A child at heart, Geut has an in-depth understanding of how kids like to play and how to design toys that kids like.

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Adi Gery  |  Product Designer,


Dj. Seal  |  Music genius, Blogger

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